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But does shaving pubic hair do more harm than good? Here are some are compelling reasons to leave the hair down there alone. Pubic hair offers a natural barrier to help keep things cleans down there.

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Have you ever seen a hairy porn star? In this case, I'm not referring to the natural head adornment. And for sure, boys prefer making sex than spending their time while wandering across a savage forest.

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Take a short journey with us. I Did it All for the. At the end of the day, there is one reason that stands supreme above the rest: sex.

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How old are you? Man A: Twenty-four. Man C: Twenty-one. Man D: Twenty-four.

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A recent Cosmopolitan. Your pubic hair is something relatively few people see, yet it raises so many questions. How the heck does anyone avoid razor burn?

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It certainly makes it easier to see the action without all that hair in the way! But I am here to say, you may want to think twice about shaving it all off. Pubic hair offers true biological benefits — but of course.

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The only important or potentially big health risk shaving may pose is if you shave, then have genital sex of any kind with a partner very soon afterwards. That's because the small nicks, scrapes and minor abrasions that can happen with shaving can create additional possible sites for sexually transmitted infections to be transmitted or acquired. However, that's something easily taken care of for those who do shave by simply shaving the day or two before any kind of sex, not right before.

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It is believed that nature does not create anything superfluous, but everyone has the right to decide whether to keep the pubic hair or not. It is determined by the amount of melanin a pigment substance contained in each hair, which can be different because melanin content varies throughout the body. Throughout life, the melanin content decreases.

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You're now a Real Man capitalized. The rest of you need to hop aboard the ball-shaving train. But if you have reservations train, reservations, get it?

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If you grew up in the 90s and thereafter some site the porn industry as a cause removing your pubic hair probably started as soon as you started high school. For many, the idea of any curly hairs sprouting from skimpy swimwear is simply not an option, and when it comes to the bedroom — an unruly nether region is often thought to be a rather lazy and unhygienic option. Ladies, you are part of a major industry where the choices of how you can style your lady hair are endless, and often a bit confusing. Here are six pubic hair styles to choose from so you can achieve the ultimate secret accessory and wow your lover.


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