Triphanlangeal thumb

Alternative titles; symbols. Other entities represented in this entry:. The thumb in this malformation is usually opposable and possesses a normal metacarpal.

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The 'thumb' could not be opposed. No associated internal malformations were detected. Triphalangeal thumb of this type occurs in some cases of the Holt-Oram syndromealthough the thumb, when present, was opposable in the family I reported.

Triphalangeal thumb is a rare congenital anomaly in which the thumb has three phalanges. Clinical presentation of triphalangeal thumb can vary considerably and can be present in both hands or unilateral. The presence of clinodactyly depends on the shape of the extra phalanx varying from wedge-shaped to rectangular.

The topic Congenital Anemia-Triphalangeal Thumb Syndrome you are seeking is a synonym, or alternative name, or is closely related to the medical condition Aase Syndrome. National Society of Genetic Counselors N. Aase, J.

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Triphalangeal thumb is defined as a long thumb that has three phalanges. A thumb with three phalanges, regardless of their shape, is considered a rare congenital difference. The condition may be isolated or associated with thumb polydactyly Fig.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content. Intrafamilial variability of the triphalangeal thumb phenotype in a Dutch population: Evidence for phenotypic progression over generations? Hovius and A.


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