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Only a few decades ago, the most common problems teens faced were finding a career path and starting a family. Today, however, teens are facing problems unique to our time. Here are the 10 most common problems teens face in

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Advances in technology mean today's teens are facing issues that no previous generation has ever seen. While some issues are not exactly new, electronic media has changed or amplified some of the struggles young people face. For instance, teens today struggle more with their interpersonal relationships than any previous generation and a lot of this dysfunction can be linked to overuse of technology.

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It brings with it a lot of cheer, enthusiasm, fun and excitement. Like every coin with two sides, this wonderful phase comes with a lot of challenges too. You might find your teenage girl facing plethora of problems.

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Click here for Emergency Resources and our Disclaimer. This page addresses some of the most important issues facing our teenagers at this time. Parents, teachers and communities across the country are concerned with teen issues, which are caused by a number of social, cultural, technological, communal, economic, familial, and individual factors. While it may be hard to change the nature of the Internet, computers, cell phones and TV, there is always something that each one of us can do to reduce teen violence, the rate of teen suicide, teen cyber-bullying, bullying at school, and help develop a well-adjusted relationship to our technological and commercialized culture, and a creative and balanced use of the Internet, Online Gaming, etc.

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Got a problem, any problem, you need a bit of help with? This week on The Surgery on Radio 1we're throwing open the phone lines to any problem you want to discuss. Anything at all.

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Dealing with a teenager is not easy. No matter how good a parent you are, and how great your relationship with your children is, you are likely to face parenting roadblocks when it comes to your teenager. Behavior problems are common in teenagers.

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We are excited to announce that Pumpic has been acquired by WebWatcher. Please Click Here to try WebWatcher for free. Parenting a teenager is not easy.

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The teenage years are a time of rapid growth and change, physically, mentally and socially. For some teenagers, change can be scary, whereas others take it in their stride. Also, teenagers often have to make early decisions about school subjects, study, careers and work. Treating every worry as a big problem can do more harm than good.

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Growing up in the modern world can be a frightening, exciting, and dangerous experience. Teens today will face many challenges as they grow toward adulthood. While some have been around since teenagers have been around, others are more modern in nature - worrying about future education or career counseling for example.

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I took a good look at my teenager, followed him around, interviewed him and other teenagers, did some research, and this is what I found. Recently, I attended a school program with other parents of teenagers. The conversation was mainly complaints about raising teenagers.


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