Homosexual hypochondria

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The AIDS epidemic is provoking emotions ranging from hypochondria to avoidance of sex among homosexual men, including a ''dramatic decrease'' in the number of sexual partners, a San Francisco psychologist and researcher said today. The disease, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, is apparently also provoking more violence against homosexuals, said the psychologist, Stephen Morin. He cited one estimate that half the attackers of homosexuals in San Francisco mentioned AIDS as a reason for the assault.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Culturally Speaking. In fact, these worries drive many suffers to consider suicide.

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People who suffer from hypochondria have extreme concerns about being ill or becoming seriously ill in the future. It is not uncommon for someone with hypochondria to believe they have a devastating illness or they are in great risk of catching one. They can also go into a state of panic from simple bodily reactions or minor sensations like headaches believing that they are already implications of serious health conditions.

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Steven Brodsky, a psychologist who specializes in obsessive-compulsive disorder, says that at any one time he has a "handful" of clients who are straight and suspect that they are gay. Brodsky said he determined his patient had OCD associated with homosexuality. This patient was straight, according to Brodsky, but he had intrusive thoughts that were not based on any hard reality in his behavior.

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Preferred Citation: Baur, Susan. Hypochondria: Woeful Imaginings. What pleasure to acknowledge publicly the help of friends who have added to or commented on the manuscript.

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My name is hypochondria and many of you are familiar with me. After all everyone gets sick from time to time. I prey on this need.

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Hypochondria is an ancient name for a malady that is always distressingly novel and varied. In anatomical terms the hypochondrium is the portion of the body just below the ribs; in classical medicine, "hypochondria" was a general term for diseases mostly of the digestion that troubled that region. But the illness gradually lost its organic meaning and came to denote a purely psychological state.

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We experience an unusual symptom — a pain, skin bump, or otherwise unpleasant feeling — and we wonder what it could be. Not anymore. Now our first move is a beeline to the Internet. The cornucopia of medical information available to the lay public is, well, stunning.

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Ego-dystonic sexual orientation is an ego-dystonic mental disorder characterized by having a sexual orientation or an attraction that is at odds with one's idealized self-imagecausing anxiety and a desire to change one's orientation or become more comfortable with one's sexual orientation. It describes not innate sexual orientation itself, but a conflict between the sexual orientation one wishes to have and the sexual orientation one actually possesses. The WHO diagnosis covers when gender identity or sexual orientation is clear, yet a patient has another behavioural or psychological disorder which makes that patient want to change it.

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Homosexual and bisexual men and women and their heterosexual brothers and sisters report similar overall mental health, although there are some significant differences. That conclusion comes from a study comparing gays and lesbians with volunteers from their own families — suitable controls because they usually belonged to the same ethnic group and social class and were raised in the same households. Women and men who responded to advertisements in gay and lesbian publications were asked to provide the name of a brother or sister homosexual or heterosexual who might also be willing to participate in the study. The subjects were told that the research was about differences and similarities in the lives of adult siblings, with no special emphasis on sexual orientation.


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