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The Aqua Teens originated as one-off characters in a formerly unmade episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast also a Williams Street productionbut were eventually given their own show — with changes to their appearances and personalities. Their "adventures" are usually limited to making each other's lives hell or doing the same to their next-door neighbor Carl Brutananadilewski - a fat, bald, slovenly Joe Average - by borrowing his stuff or swimming in his backyard pool without permission. The Aqua Teens occasionally have run-ins with bizarre monsters or aliens who turn out to be more obnoxious than they are evil.

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Get ready to meet you're favorite gang of fast food late night characters in the flesh. Plus Bat-Mite is here to pester Batman with all the fan questions he can muster, and then there's the Reaper finale. Reaper - Sam gets his chance to win back his soul from the Devil, but what game will they play?

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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. As an minute animated feature on Adult Swim, it's been enormously successful, spawning a film and ten seasons and counting.

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Sign in. Watch now. When a nuclear submarine goes missing off the coast of Wyoming, Shake is called in to lead an elite search team through the Caves of Reginald.

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Ignignokt and Err. The MooninitesIgnignokt voiced by Dave Willis and Err voiced by Matt Maiellaroare pixelated, video game-like two-dimensional inhabitants of the Moon who see Earth primitive in every way, though they are frequently seen on it. Often the two come to Earth with selfish intentions to bug the Aqua Teens, namely Meatwadusually taking advantage of his child-like innocence.

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Jon Benjamin. Indeed a pathetic man, his posture was slack, his personality strangely muted implying the animated Master Shake be read as a creative release of pent-up aggression and his odd physical attire white shirt, purple hat, and yellow gloves in bizarre visual accordance with the familiar, animated Shake. Fortunately, so far the bumps seem to have been smoothed out.

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Every week LAist will tell you what we're listening totoday the troublemakers at the Adult Swim cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force told us what they rock out to with their straws out. The Hunger Force have a movie coming out on Friday the 13th - maybe you've seen some of their marketing efforts - and the soundtrack comes out Tuesday the 10th. Get some friends with guns and dynamite to get you out.

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force is one of the strangest shows to grace the alternate television universe know as Adult Swim. The incredibly surreal show is now the longest running original program on Cartoon Network. The premise such as it is concerns the adventures of three living, human-sized food items, and their south New Jersey neighbor, Carl. His two companions are a large milkshake named Master Shake, and a big ground-beef meatball who calls himself Meatwad.


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