Teens telling lies

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Most teens lie to their parent at some point about something. However, studies have shown that parents generally have a hard time telling when their teens are lying. To deal with a lying teenager, start by letting them know when you've caught them in a lie.

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Of 36 potential topics presented in the study, the average teen lies to their parents about 12 of them. The chances are your teenager has told you lie at some point. It is inevitable that from time to time all teens will be less than honest with their parents How many of us can say we never told a lie to our parents?

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We know you let slip at least one lie to your parents—even if it was just a tiny, measly, inconsequential white lie. So read on to discover just how your teen might be trying to pull the wool over your eyes—and see just how many of these sound familiar to you. Okay, you know that one has to be a stretch.

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Print article. Did she really break up with Dragomir, the too-old and too-rude wrestler? Is my daughter being honest with me?

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Most parents of teens have dealt with the issue of lying at some point. Telling lies or leaving out the truth is a common teen behavior. Kids at this age have a lot more going on in their lives—sometimes good and sometimes bad—that they may want to keep to themselves.

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Parents usually manage to remain calm during the years when children's lying takes the form of fantastical stories or denials of having raided the cookie jar. But an older child who skimps on the truth sets off parents' alarm bells -- and rightly so. Lying takes on much greater significance as children enter adolescence because the child is doing it consciously, with full knowledge of the consequences.

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Everyone tells a fib now and then. But children with ADD are actually predisposed to tell habitual lies. Learn about ADHD and lying, and more importantly — what you can do to stop it.

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If you discovered, quite by chance, that your normally trustworthy teen had been telling bold-faced lies, would you be shocked? Then ready yourself for this: if you have an anxious or depressed adolescent, they are almost certainly telling lies every day. Your teen is never "caught in the act," because those lies are told in secret.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Liking the Child You Love. And, you know what, I can't even trust if she really washes off her dishes.

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If your child is lying, this means he or she is smarter than other kids. According to developmental psychologistskids who deceive have higher verbal I. A study, published in the journal Law and Human Behaviorfound that adults are able to identify when a kid is lying to them just 47 percent of the time. I think they got me.