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The Auditory steady state response ASSR provides a frequency-specific and automatic assessment of hearing sensitivity and is used in infants and difficult-to-test adults. The aim of this study was to compare the ASSR thresholds among various types normal, conductive, and sensorineuraldegree normal, mild, and moderateand configuration flat and sloping of hearing sensitivity, and measuring the cutoff point between normal condition and hearing loss for different frequencies. This clinical trial was performed in Iran and included patients who were referred from Ear, Nose, and Throat Department.

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This procedure reduces the time of testing and enables the stimulation of levels close to dB HL, characterizing residual hearing. AIM: to verify the applicability of the ASSR to determine the hearing thresholds in different levels of sensorineural hearing loss. The carrier frequencies in the ASSR were modulated in amplitude and frequency, with multiple dicotic stimulation for mild and moderate hearing loss.

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Based on the preliminary studies, we have established that fMEG was an appropriate and useful method for the recording of fetal brain responses in relation to the development of cognitive functions in fetuses and newborns. Our goal was to establish protocols and stimulation paradigms for the recording of fetal ASSR and to assess if this approach could be useful for evaluation of maturation and development of cortical and brainstem structures in fetuses. Twenty pregnant women between 30 and 38 gestational weeks participated in the study.

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The ASSR test is used to determine the hearing threshold in different frequencies by an automated process completely objectively i. This is extremely helpful for fitting of digital hearing aids in infants and small children. Map could not be loaded - please enable Javascript!

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Auditory Steady State Response ASSR is an objective test used for evaluation of hearing ability in children too young for traditional audiometric testing. Most children are referred for ASSR after a newborn hearing screen in the hospital indicates the possibility of hearing loss. Early intervention strategies, such as hearing devices or cochlear implantation, are necessary for development of speech and language skills in a child with hearing impairment.

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Sign in. Abstract: Multiple-stimulus auditory steady-state responses ASSRs were assessed in ears of 70 infants between —4 and 19 weeks of age at risk for hearing loss. There was a significant effect of carrier frequency on ASSR latency, with higher carrier frequencies evoking shorter latencies in both infants and adults.

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His research activities to date have examined: using the ASSR for dead region diagnosis, possible advantage of classroom FM system use, and classroom acoustics measures. He is an RCCP registered audiologist and keeps his clinical skills up to date by working in NHS adult hearing aid clinics whenever possible. Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess the between-session repeatability of auditory steady state response ASSR amplitudes and to examine F ratio response detection parameters.


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