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Despite prevailing homophobia among both mainstream American rappers and Cuban society, Cuban rap is a space in which homophobia is contested and alternative sexualities are supported. These three women, who are also lesbians, are widely known as raperas and generally well received. This marks an exception to the dominant discourse on homosexuality, specifically lesbian sexuality and identity within Cuban society.

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Supported by extensive ethnographic fieldwork, this article asserts that an emic worldview in which women are associated with mothers and mothers with care enables women in La Laguna to withstand stigmatization and oppose hegemonic views on agricultural production and health in a district where social protest is nearly completely absent. Women are, thus, doubly able to both resist and fulfill gender expectations. Next, we will describe the coordinators of the social intervention initiatives studied.

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Sex has been at the heart of the Caribbean experience at least from the moment of colonial encounter. European colonizers feared that the sexual desires of these Others, as well as their desires for Others, would result in interracial sex and reproduction and ultimately threaten notions of white racial purity. Regulation of sexual desires and practices was therefore a key component of processes of colonization, and forcefully institutionalized through laws governing family structure, partnerships, prostitution and sex.

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Etiquetas: ciberpajaspijassexo casual. Etiquetas: musica en la noche. By Pedro M.

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