Surgery for trigger thumb

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Skip to content. What are trigger finger and trigger thumb? Trigger thumb, stuck in a flexed position flexion.

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Back to Trigger finger. The treatment for trigger finger depends on the severity of your symptoms and how long you've had them. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDssuch as ibuprofenmay also be helpful in relieving any pain.

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Trigger finger is a condition in which one of your fingers gets stuck in a bent position. Your finger may bend or straighten with a snap — like a trigger being pulled and released. It occurs when inflammation narrows the space within the sheath that surrounds the tendon in the affected finger.

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Freeing this soft tissue will allow the finger or thumb to move freely again. A release is done using anesthesia and can be performed by piercing the skin with a needle percutaneous release or by making a surgical incision. Both procedures are considered relatively low risk and are described in detail below.

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Trigger finger is a condition that causes pain, stiffness, and a sensation of locking or catching when you bend and straighten your finger. The flexor tendons are long cord-like structures that attach the muscles of the forearm to the bones of the fingers. When the muscles contract, the flexor tendons allow the fingers to bend.

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The vast majority of trigger thumb cases can be treated via conservative modes of treatment such as splintingicing and resting the injured thumb, taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and engaging in trigger thumb exercises. If these fail, one might also try a steroid injection into the thumb to remedy the condition. Even when it comes to surgery for trigger thumb, there are options as to how invasive the surgical method of curing trigger thumb is.

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Diagnosis of trigger finger doesn't require any elaborate testing. Your doctor or health care provider makes the diagnosis based on your medical history and a physical exam. During the physical exam, your doctor will ask you to open and close your hand, checking for areas of pain, smoothness of motion and evidence of locking.

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Trigger finger is a common tendon problem that occurs when the tendons of a finger are caught as the finger bends and straightens causing the digit to snap open, or even get stuck bent into the palm of the hand. Trigger finger is very common with about two percent to three percent of population having a trigger finger, and even more common in diabetic patients. While many people can find relief with non-surgical treatments for trigger fingersome will choose to have surgery to find a solution to their condition.

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These pulleys hold the tendons close to the bone. This is similar to how a line is held on a fishing rod Figure 1. Trigger finger occurs when the pulley becomes too thick, so the tendon cannot glide easily through it Figure 2.


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