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She had accused the pageant of libel, slander and religious discrimination — and reports suggest that she backed off the suit after her first sex tape was discovered. If convicted, he could face a prison sentence of up to two years. The nanny, who has not been named, has not been charged.

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Days after Carrie Prejean admitted that she participated in a sex tape and called it "the biggest mistake of my life," seven additional such videos -- all "solo performances" have surfaced starring the de-crowned beauty queen, Radar reports. I know, right? How can I not use them in my not-at-all sexy Christian masturbation tape?

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More sexy videos and a collection of nude photos have emerged featuring the "biblically correct" ex- Miss California Carrie PrejeanRadarOnline. Prejean acknowledged last week the existence of a video that featured the spurned beauty queen alone on-tape in footage she said was shot for her then-boyfriend, whom she "loved and cared about. Prejean called the tape the "biggest mistake" of her life on national television -- but according to RadarOnlineit isn't the only time the controversial diva has crossed into so-called sex-tape territory. There are seven more tapes featuring solo Prejean performances, according to the mag's investigation, as well as 30 nude photos that show Prejean either topless or completely naked standing in front of a mirror.

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Carrie Prejean may be hot, but she just isn't worth the hassle. News has confirmed the existence of Ms. Christian Values' X-rated sex tape—which reportedly prompted her abrupt settlement with Miss California Organization officials—but while the contents may be controversial, the peddlers behind the salacious video have had trouble finding any takers.

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But her ex-boyfriend disputes the claim, revealing she asked him to lie about her age and say she was 17 at the time, report TMZ. During an interview with TMZ, the man, who doesn't want to be identified, said Prejean sent him the video when they were dating inamong other numerous explicit videos and insists the one in question was shot when she was years-old. See pics of Carrie and her ex on holidays here.

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A legal standoff between Carrie Prejean and Miss California USA officials reportedly ended when a Pageant lawyer played his trump card: a sex tape far more hard-core than the nude pictures which had previously scandalized her — and in which she had the starring role. After being shown the hardcore home video - in which she apparently engages in a solo sex act - Prejean dropped her million-dollar-plus demands, TMZ. The negotiations war ends with Prejean getting zilch, TMZ. The settlement also relieved Prejean of any financial obligations to pageant organizer K2Productions - including repaying her breast augmentation surgery.

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Who is Ann Althouse? Not the worlds greatest Christian or anything, but I don't see what this mistake has to do with anything but being human and making a judgment error. As usual with a scandal in my family or on the news it says more about the gossipers than the gossipe.

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Former Miss California Carrie Prejean has admitted that she finds it "humiliating" that her sex tape is public knowledge. The year-old said that making the self-filmed tape is the "biggest mistake" of her life, E! She added: "Never did I think it would ever come out.


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