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In a preview clip detailed by the New York PostLewinsky explains how that stain on her infamous blue dress -- the dress that proved her affair with the then-president -- came to be. Somewhere in the early months ofafter Clinton had won reelection inthe president invited Lewinsky to a White House radio address, he gave her a present via his personal secretary, Betty Currie. The present from Clinton was a hat pin, because he thought she "always looks so cute in hats," as well as a copy of "Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman.

I remember how we laughed at the time. I remember, and it makes me flinch with shame. It was the ultimate potboiler played out in the news — a tale of sex, betrayal, conspiracy and a blue dress with an incriminating stain.

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Michael Isikoff was the first reporter to uncover one of the biggest scoops of the s: that the Independent Counsel was investigating President Bill Clinton over his affair with year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Through meticulous reporting with well-placed sources inside the White House and hours of conversations with Lewinsky confidante Linda Tripp, Isikoff had the story of a lifetime. The Drudge Report unleashed the story of sexual infidelity in the White House, which set a new standard for scoops on the web and launched the right-wing news blog to the prominence it still enjoys today.

Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton became the first president to be impeached since Andrew Johnson, in We offer a recounting by people who played a role. I nthe Republican-led House of Representatives voted to impeach President Bill Clinton on one charge of perjury and one charge of obstruction of justice.

After graduating from college, she took an internship and then a job at the White House. From mid toLewinsky was involved in a sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton. Her taped conversations with the president, and subsequent testimony, led to a media frenzy and a political firestorm.

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But, as the nation later learned, things happened quickly from that point, as it was that year that she began a relationship with the President that would last about two years and lead to an epoch-shaping scandal. Below is a glimpse, with two decades of hindsight, at how that historic year unfolded. Jones claimed she suffered emotional damage after Clinton exposed himself to her in an Arkansas hotel room in May of

By Chris Spargo For Dailymail. Monica Lewinsky has sat down for numerous interviews over the past two decades, but rarely has she spoken about her affair with former president Bill Clinton. In one episode, which was viewed by the New York PostLewinsky says that she was not even aware the dress was stained and one point believed she had gotten spinach dip on the frock, as mentioned in The Starr Report.

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M onica Lewinsky said that she initially didn't realize a semen stain was left behind on her dress from her hook-up with then-President Bill Clinton, a dress she then wore out to dinner. In the series, Lewinsky chronicles the events leading up to the soiling of her dress, saying that Clinton invited her to a White House radio address and said he had a present for her. After the famous photo op, where Lewinsky is wearing the infamous navy blue dress, Clinton told her that his personal secretary Betty Currie had something for her.

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Pentagon's public affairs office during the Clinton-Lewinsky sex scandal. Linda Tripp, her children and lawyers came out before press at court, July 29, In allegations regarding a sexual relationship between year-old then President Bill Clinton and year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky erupted in various media outlets.

Former White House intern turned anti-bullying activist Monica Lewinsky commemorated how she "survived the unimaginable" in her life on the 20th anniversary of the revelation of her affair with President Bill Clinton Tuesday. The anniversary marks the day her confidant, and Pentagon public affairs office colleague, Linda Tripp delivered secret recordings of telephone conversations with Lewinsky about a sexual affair she had with Clinton between to to independent counsel Kenneth Starr. Clinton gave evasive answers to questions about the relationship in testimony to a grand jury during Starr's investigation. Starr was investigating allegations related to the Whitewater property scandal and became aware of the Lewinsky affair when looking into sexual harassment.