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We haven't seen one of those for years, and that, along with his Joy Division poster, the Billy Idol soundtrack, and best mate Eric's purple Shell Suit jacket, made us initially presume that the series was set in the s. However, it soon becomes clear that Sex Education is set around the present day as all the pupils at the show's Mooredale High School have smart phones, although they barely look at them as much as we'd expect real teenagers to IRL. Emma Mackey - who plays the wonderfully whip-smart Maeve, and is the real brains behind Otis' operation - and Ncuti Gatwa, who stars as Otis' out-and-proud best friend - told Cosmopolitan.

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Include Synonyms Include Dead terms. Peer reviewed Direct link. This paper concerns the response to the sex education film "Growing Up", made in by Dr Martin Cole, which used a combination of animation and live action to offer a frank and uncompromising account of sexual reproduction.

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Martin Cole, who has died aged 83, was a lecturer in genetics and human reproduction who achieved instant notoriety in when he produced a frank minute sex education film called Growing Up; along with the Oz trial, which took place the same year, it engendered a state of moral panic about youth and sex among the British establishment. Amid a rising tide of teenage pregnancy, which reached an all-time record the same year at Most controversially, the film featured explicit footage of genitals and sexual activity, including scenes of intercourse, and two models one a woman schoolteacher pleasuring themselves on camera.

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Looking for something similar to Sex Education? Many Netflix viewers have already binge-watched all eight episodes of the Sex Education box set. All four series of the Channel 4 show are available to stream now on Netflix.

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I got it!! How uncool did you have to be to announce the arrival of your period to the whole house? Is it really something you want your dad and brother discussing over potatoes?

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We follow Otis and Maeve as they work to set up a healthy environment for their peers to discuss the complexities of relationships and address any questions that they may have, but find themselves unable to talk about in any meaningful and healthy way. Buckle up. Big Mouth may lack some of the more serious tones that Sex Education balances so with its comedy so well, but underneath the crass, raunchy humor is an honest story about the awkwardness of growing up. While Sex Education takes a young student and hoists him into a position of knowledge and power above his peers, helping them learn and grow as healthy young adults, A.

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Growing Up is a sex education film for schools, 23 minutes in length, first shown in Aprilwhich was made by Dr Martin Cole. At the time of its release it was said to be "the most explicit and frank film ever made for use in schools", and attracted condemnation by Mary Whitehouse, Lord Longford, Margaret Thatcher and members of the Women's Liberation Movement who all, excepting Thatcher, attended the first public screening. Made two years before its earliest public showing, Cole though soon regretted a traditionalist description of gender roles in the film's opening commentary.

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A podcast about pregnancy and drug use, Native people and tribal sovereignty. The earliest films warned teenagers of the dangers of unwanted pregnancy, venereal disease and doing nothing "of which you would be ashamed to tell your mother or your sister". Many of the films were released in the years around the Second World War, when the Government was keen to protect the health of troops, often separated from their wives and families. But the films do not move as easily from innocence to explicit material as might be expected, said Katy McGahan, from the British Film Institute, who put the films together.


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