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This Instructable is written for those just learning and starting out with AutoCAD with the purpose passing on some good advice. It assumes some facility with the computer. I will show how to make the star above using four basic and extremely useful commands.

The TEXT command can be used to add multiple lines of text, yet each text object is added as a separate object. Often, you want to add multiple lines of text as a single object. This window is used to determine the point where the mtext object will exist.

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But when you attach images, fill hatch objects with a solid fill, or create text, which object is in front and which is behind can be very important, because these objects can hide other objects. Draw and edit faster and easier with these top 25 productivity tips every AutoCAD user should know. A tip I picked up from the forums, is to get the draw order sorted out, then select all the items and cut and paste them back into the same position.

However, it does have a limitation; that is, you can only select one item at a time. What happens if you need to select multiple items? For instance, you may need both Polylines and Circles. The concept is simple.

A table can be created from an empty table, data derived from the drawing, or data linked to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can create a schedule, legend, notes, bills of material, and many other associated lists compiled in an organized manner. AutoCAD tables contain rows and columns that create a group of individual cells that are designated by row numbers and column letters in which the cell resides just as in Microsoft Excel.

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Command line is an AutoCAD palette and you can change its size by expanding it using your cursor, you can also move this command line by holding top left corner with the cursor. By default, two lines are visible above command line which shows recently entered commands you can expand or collapse its size to show more or less number of lines in the command history. Sometimes users accidentally turn off command line and then it becomes annoying to find no option for bringing it back.

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If you have been using the AutoCAD platform for a while you have probably run into issues with congested drawings trying to select certain objects. Most of the selection tools in AutoCAD are hidden which is disappointing, but at least the release is trying to expose some of them. In with no command active, select an open spot in drawing and look at the command line. To see all of the different ways to select things in AutoCAD, start the Move command and type xx and hit enter.

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In this tutorial you will learn how to open the existing drawing, make cross section, hatch it, dimension the drawing and plot it. To load a drawing, start Windows Explorer and select the appropriate Drive and Directory. If you can't find your drawing in Windows Explorer then press F5 function key 5this tells Explorer to update the directory display; if you still can't find your drawing then perhaps you saved the drawing in some other directory - load AutoCAD and then select the File menu, at the bottom of the File menu is a list of recently opened drawings, select your drawing from the list.

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