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It was released as the second single from their fourth studio album, Eyes Open The song is Snow Patrol's biggest-selling single to date, ending as that year's 14th best-selling single in the UK [3] and that year had the distinction of being the last song performed live on the BBC's Top of the Pops. Lead singer Gary Lightbody reportedly wrote the song when he became sober after a binge of white winein the garden of song producer Jacknife Lee's Kent cottage.

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THE 00's and beyond Evil Island Home. Cheat me.

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I stood in the way of you bein dead, my strongest weakest point Abused cause I didn't do what you told me to do When you didn't know what you were doing, all high and confused My silent art child, smart heart scarred Keeps me lovin you knowin you gonna hurt me, you've done it before [Hook] [Interlude: Jahiara] Y'all don't deal with that I mean in the end what does it matter? I refuse to allow anyone to make me feel any way about my life It's my son, my life [Verse 3: Chino XL] Yeah, an honorable villain and damn saint That's brutally comforted in my sick health, and baptized in hate I tried not to think, I quietly just wrote my rhymes Abuse casted a shadow that has lasted a lifetime Questionable answers that's for my humble arrogance Exposed to virtuous lies, taught with ugly attractiveness Classy ratchetness, parents unconscious competence Busy relaxin, I'm an on-purpose accident with no past defense Feared like poor millionaires living in Hell's paradise We're alone together in this organized mess I write Sky raining mute, idle chatter, bad angels sound Rival containing vital viral matter, clouds. Rain Interlude Provided 2.

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Another famous record and a favourite of many fans, although never reissued on CD. Everyone has their own favourite track: it's a cult album. Completists be advised, 'Beautiful Extremes ' was released inwhile ''Beautiful Extremes etcetera' came out in a different cover and with two different songs in

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