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I have always found it fascinating that sex and erotic subjects are so much more taboo than violence in the US. Most people will not get in a car chase, fist fight or any kind of life and death struggle with a super villain and yet these are far more common in our fiction than sex and sexual situations. Violence barely gets a mention, as if it was always expected, but any kind of nudity or sexual content then warnings abound.

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Yet, most of the European-made adventure series continue to be characterized by "American" main characters and settings with the exception of French ones, that are a somewhat logical continuation of the autochtonous "feuilleton", and English ones, that existed long before than in the United States. Apart from the differences in character between the Europeans more open toward what is foreign, as they are used to be surrounded by different cultures and the Americans more self-centered, as they live alone on an enormous continent-islandthe reasons for the "American choice" are easy to understand. Although it can be reached in a few hours' flight, to European eyes America still represents a far-off country, whilst not being exotic or "different" like China or India.

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Edgardo Dell'Acqua was one of the classic artists of Italian adventure serials, which came to blossom in comic magazines like L'Audace and Il Vittorioso in the s and s. He was at the top of his production with the action comic book 'Gim Toro' in the second half of the s. As the market changed, he worked on small-format western comic books in the s, and on adult-oriented erotic comic books in the s and s.

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Product Type Clear. Seller Rating:. Stapled Pictorial Wraps. Various illustrator.

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In the summer ofthe trailblazing Zap Comix 1 caused many minds to be blown in major cities across America. Somewhere around the end of that summer, the even-more-daring Zap 2 hit the streets and many of those blown minds went into shock. Even some of the counterculture radicals who saw Zap 2 were disgusted by S.

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Click on the Join Lush link on the home page. Choose a username, password, then fill out your gender and enter a valid email address. The email address is used to verify your account.

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The artist's unique interpretations of the Major and Minor Arcana incorporate his usual playful, witty style. The Minor Arcana suits are named according to the element associated with each suit: fire, water, air, and earth. This seductive deck cleverly blends eroticism, art, and divination.

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The original American drawings were adapted to the style of illustrated children papers of the period: the speech balloons - considered non-educational - were eliminated, and the story was narrated by rhyming captions. In fact many Italians did not realise that in America these characters talked with "little puffs of smoke" or fumetti as they were called. The name came to mean comic the plural being fumetto.

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Craig Yoe, a child of the '60s and now a grandfather of two, as well as the father of a 4-month-old, said he learned it all from comic books. Yoe, a comic book aficionado, is co-curator of "Comics Stripped," an exhibit that opened this week at New York City's Museum of Sex and traces the titillating history of erotica in comic books. The exhibit will feature artifacts from the Great Depression to the present, including original drawings, illustrated books, comic books, magazines and videos.


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