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Think of Lord Byron who wrote lots of poetry, had a very That revolutionary act cost him his life, albeit from disease rather than a bullet--although I think that until the 20th century most soldiers died of diseases rather than military action. He was famously described as "mad, bad and dangerous to know"--but then poets and painters generally had rather scandalous reputations.

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A celebrated poet who has documented his battle with alcoholism and drugs saw off competition from a heavyweight shortlist including laureate Carol Ann Duffy to win the highest accolade in British poetry at the third time of asking. Burnside had previously been shortlisted for the award in for The Asylum Dance, and then two years later for The Light Trap. Yet the prize has been mired in controversy this year after two shortlisted poets pulled out in protest over the choice of sponsor.

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Miserable in his life, the French poet Charles Baudelaire has prospered in death. This farrago, to our forebears so depraved, is conveyed in language of great purity and sweetness, in which the French consonants dissolve like a labourer's morals and the vowels and dipthongs overflow the ear. Les Fleurs du Mal is good verse for bad people. It is as if the Chapman brothers drew like Ingres.

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There is a body of methamphetamine-themed poetry that speaks regretfully of the highly negative experiences of those in recovery from methamphetamine MA addiction or who feel trapped in an MA-using lifestyle. During ethnographic research in western Kentucky, the author collected two MA-themed poems from active MA users that differ from other MA poetry. Analyzing these poems provide valuable insights into local patterns of MA use, related terminology, and attitudes toward MA use.

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As for Rimbaud it frequently was; his flailing misadventures with his lover Paul Verlaine are a case study in knives, bullets, profanity, theft and dubious personal hygiene. This way of thinking has two notable consequences. After all, if the goal is to transcend yourself and cross boundaries, few things will help you on your way as speedily as Old Overholt.

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Sex is like in addiction. Money is when you sell your body. Drugs is feeling good when you get high.

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Brutal and tender, earnest, erotic and impetuous, A. Blakemore's poetry has earned her a following and a fierce reputation. With themes of youth, sex, drugs, drink, violence, womanhood and intimacy, her writing is direct and defiant.

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Add to list. Drugs make problems seem funny Alcohol makes everything a blur Sex is a pleasurable lust Life a illusion of shattered dreams. Life wasted in the eyes of a stoner Towards kids who study Who think that life has a point When no matter what you do, you all end up dead.

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Rape is one of the most degrading, devastating emotional events that can happen to a person. Many people try to deny that they were raped by keeping it a secret, but repressing an attack simply delays the healing process and leaves the attacker free to attack again. Instead, victims should seek out legal and medical help, and a trusted friend to confide in.


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