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Youth love technology. Smartphones mean kids can do all their favourite hobbies in one place: listen to music, take selfies to post on Instagram or Snapchat, watch Youtube and, yes, texting. Adolescents largely socialize through social media and tech, and while this may annoy parents, connecting with peers in any form is considered a key developmental milestone for this age group.

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How parents talk with their kids and teens will vary slightly by age depending on the topic being discussed. These tips will help you start that journey with your family. Technology use will vary by age.

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In some teen circles, sexting is an accepted occurrence that happens when people date or are interested in one another. In other instances, it is a one-time lapse in judgment. Regardless of the reason for it, the number of teens using the built-in cameras on their smartphonesiPads and other electronic devices to take nude or sexually-suggestive pictures is on the rise.

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Many parents tell me that nothing seems to work, and that coming up with the right thing for their child can seem like an impossible task. Rather, an effective consequence should encourage your child to change his behavior — whether that is abiding by the house rules, or treating people respectfully. So first, you need to identify the behavior you want to change. Instead of grounding or punishingor even reasoning with your child when she gets angry and lashes out, an effective consequence here would require your child to practice better behavior — and improve her self-control — for a period of time before her normal privileges are restored.

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However, things can quickly get out of hand and very dangerous with the easy access to phones and social media. If you catch your teen sexting, be clear about what is dangerous and harmful about it. Take appropriate action to deal with the situation and talk with your teen.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Surviving Your Child's Adolescence. The "game of take away," as one teenager called it, is played by parents when their teenager doesn't play by basic family rules.

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Most families have implemented boundaries and rules that their kids and teens have to follow when it comes to their gadgets. Hopefully, parents today understand that digital citizenship is as important to their children as potty training was to them as toddlers. We see many articles on tips for cyber safety, security and online bullying.

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Even with clear policies prohibiting the use of cell phones during school hours, students often find a way around these rules. If you learn that your teenager sends text messages in class, institute clear consequences for the rule-breaking. The predominant school policy regarding student cell phone use is to disallow students from using a cell phone at all during school hours, according to the National School Safety and Security Services website.

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A recent survey by Commonsense Media found that about half of teenagers feel addicted to their cellphones, and even more of their parents agree. The sheer number and variety of ways to communicate and share digitally are both vexing and sobering for parents, particularly if they have tweens and teens. And parents are rightly concerned about the possibilities of missteps in the internet age: embarrassing messages and posts kept alive forever, predators and identity thieves, even the threat of criminal prosecution for youthful mistakes.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Teen Angst. I have written several blogs on this issue primarily because I want to educate the public on the reality and seriousness of it.


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