The asian tiger mosquito origin

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A year later, the Asian tiger mosquito was found in Florida at a tire dump site near Jacksonville O'Meara Since that time, this species has spread rapidly throughout the eastern states, including all of Florida's 67 counties O'Meara Figure 1.

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In the last 40 years, the Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictusindigenous to East Asia, has colonized every continent except Antarctica. Its spread is a major public health concern, given that this species is a competent vector for numerous arboviruses, including those causing dengue, chikungunya, West Nile, and the recently emerged Zika fever. To acquire more information on the ancestral source s of adventive populations and the overall diffusion process from its native range, we analyzed the mitogenome variation of 27 individuals from representative populations of Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

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Mosquito-borne viral diseases MBVDs continue to pose a significant global public health burden. Mosquito control remains a core intervention strategy in integrated mosquito management IMM programs to reduce the transmission of MBVDs. Mosquito densoviruses MDVs are mosquito-specific entomopathogenic viruses, and their attractive biological and pathogenic characteristics make MDVs potential biological control agents as alternatives to traditional chemical pesticides.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Asian Tiger mosquito is a vector carrier of Dengue Fever, and a potential carrier of Yellow Fever, encephalitis, and heartworm in pets. After first being found in Houston, TX, this mosquito species has quickly spread to other areas within the US.

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Search for:. The Situation: The Asian tiger mosquito entered the United States in shipments of used tires from northern Asia in the mids. It can survive in a broad range of climates and has spread rapidly from the point of first detection in the south-central United States.

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The Asian tiger mosquito is spread via the international tyre trade due to the rainwater retained in the tyres when stored outside. In order to control its spread such trading routes must be hig In order to control its spread such trading routes must be highlighted for the introduction of sterilisation or quarantine measures.

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The dramatic worldwide expansion of Aedes albopictus the Asian tiger mosquito and its vector competence for numerous arboviruses represent a growing threat to public health security. Molecular markers are crucially needed for tracking the rapid spread of this mosquito and to obtain a deeper knowledge of population structure. This is a fundamental requirement for the development of strict monitoring protocols and for the improvement of sustainable control measures.

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Skip to Main Content. Federal government websites always use a. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Maps updated to present.

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Due to global trade and tourism, mosquitoes -- transmitters of dangerous infectious diseases -- have spread to almost every part of the world. Moreover, climate change promotes the spread of species that thrive under warmer temperatures even further. Sven Klimpel.

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The Asian tiger mosquito, which can carry potentially fatal viral diseases, has been discovered in Switzerland north of the Alps for the first time. Authorities said it was too soon to say whether they were dealing with an isolated mosquito that had been carried into the canton or one from a local population. But the Federal Health Office added that there were no indications that the tiger mosquitoes found in canton Aargau were transmitters of infections such as dengue fever or chikungunya, a rheumatic viral fever. But now it's winter and there won't be a big problem," Johannes Blum from the Swiss Tropical Centre in Basel told swissinfo.


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