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These are not the Lennon Sisters. The last laundry closed in Once inside, the systematized scenario of salvation consists not simply of quiet prayer and reflection, but of a rigorous regimen of physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse.

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These facilities, run by the Catholic Church, used the slave labor of women abandoned by their families to wash laundry for the profit of the church. Some women spent most of their lives in these prison-like facilities. The movie is a powerful drama, but is it a true story?

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Even though its setting isn't a penal institution but a convent, Peter Mullan's grim, powerful film ''The Magdalene Sisters'' fits snugly into a long line of heartsick dramas in which innocent people are thrown behind bars to endure the degradation of prison. The inmates, all female, are the victims of a stringently moralistic brand of Irish Catholicism, now on the wane, that used to punish unmarried young women many in their teens for premarital sex. Some are confined simply because their frightened puritanical families consider them too unruly.

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The homes were maintained by individual religious orders in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. The movie starts with showing the circumstances through which 3 of the girls came to be sent to the Magdalene Asylum. The 3 girls meet at the asylum where mentally challenged Crispina who has had a son outta wedlock is already a resident.

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Content note: this piece discusses filmic representations of traumatic events. Before we are ever introduced to the young women whose wretched plights we will watch throughout the film, we witness a scene of specific violence, a consequential disruption, and an inexplicable condemnation that centers around the castigation of femininity. The camera follows her as a male relative whispers in her ear, leading her away to a secluded room so they can be alone.

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For different reasons, all of them are considered sexual troublemakers: Margaret Anne-Marie Duff was raped by her cousin and blamed for this by her family; Patricia Dorothy Duffy is an unmarried mother and Bernadette Nora-Jane Noone was simply attracting too much interest from boys. However, far from a Christian haven, the asylum proves to be a virtual prison as the three are forced to slave all day in the laundry, beaten and humiliated. Both these films are historical expos looking back at the scandalous behaviour of authority figures who claimed to be acting in the best interest of their victims.

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It was inspired by the documentary Sex In A Cold Climate and delves into one of the darker parts of Ireland's history - the Magdalene laundries. The laundries were originally established in Victorian times as a place to shelter women deemed "fallen" by society and they eventually evolved into places where any woman who was deemed corrupt by the Church was sent there for the rest of her life. The women were put to work in the laundries and kept under the supervision of nuns who punished them cruelly.

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But after spending 20 years in religious institutions around Waterford, she was not stepping into a world of freedom. It was the beginning of a series of events that would see her abducted and placed in a Magdalene laundry. At three weeks old, she was left there by her mother.

Skip navigation. InMiramax Entertainment released The Magdalene Sistersa film that portrays an interpretation of the true events experienced by four young women who were forcibly placed into a Magdalene asylum in Dublin, Ireland, in Catholic nuns ran Magdalene asylums throughout the world, where they forced women whom society deemed sexually promiscuous to perform hard labor in their laundry facilities.


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