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For many, Greek life is a central part of the college experience. And each year, it seems there are more efforts by fraternity men to acknowledge and even address sexual assault on college and university campuses. However, despite their work and years of national attention and campus administration efforts, fraternity houses themselves remain particularly dangerous places for sexual assault.

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Please take this quick survey to tell us about what happens after you publish a paper. Sex Roles. The present study was conducted to learn more about the association between fraternity membership and attitudes and behaviors associated with sexual aggression against women.

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Two fraternities and two sororities filed a lawsuit in Boston's federal court, while another sorority separately sued the school in Massachusetts state court. Both cases argue that the school's policy discriminates against students based on their sex and spreads negative stereotypes about students who join all-male or all-female organizations. Starting with last year's freshman class, Harvard students who are members of single-gender clubs are barred from leading campus groups or becoming captains of sports teams.

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College fraternities are built on exclusion. For nearly years fraternities have been exclusive organizations for men who want to spend time with others like themselves: usually straight white men. Men in these organizations have identified with what sets them apart from those they exclude, their manhood.

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Last week, I received a panicked called from my sister. Her ex-fling spent the night, then seemingly fled the morning after and without saying goodbye. Less than an hour later, she called again.

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Everyone should know the number of people they they have had sex with, unless you are TFTC and roll in high school pussy, in which case denial may be your best legal defense. Women guard their number, it is a secret, a sacred reminder that not all love is true, and that poor decisions can be made after too many vod-crans. These differences in mindsets mean that men and women will judge their peers differently based on their number of sexual partners.

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Nicholas Syrett's article "Bros Before Hos" argues that fraternities developed their current reputations in response to fears of homosexuality. In the s, frat guys started worrying that living together and being all friendly with each other would make them seem gay. Solution: public demonstrations of dominance over women, including rape.

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Danielle Penick MC Boys Will Be Boys society's acceptance and contribution to violence and sexual dominance by college fraternity members In recent years cases of college campus rapes, fraternity rapes, and gang rapes have been brought to the view of the public eye. Peggy Reeves Sanday focuses on these activities in her book Gang Rape. Sanday's research focused mainly on "gang banging" or "pulling train".

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Nothing takes me back to college like the smell of stale piss mingled with pot and PBR. Many were the nights, heaving, wiping the dripping vomit from my face on my Abercrombie T-shirt, I picked myself up off the cold linoleum, stumbled into walls and down creaky stairs, grasping the rickety handrail in a vain and dangerous attempt at balance, before passing out on the sofa in the living room. I'd wake up early, SportsCenter or porn or whatever the boys had been watching still blaring on the big screen television, before making my way up College Street toward Cherry Hall and my women's studies classes.

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Sophie should be as truly a woman as Emile is a man, that is, she must possess all those characteristics of her species and her sex required to allow her to play her part in the physical and moral order. Thus let us begin by examining the similarities and differences between her sex and our own. Except for her sex, woman is like a man: she has the same organs, the same needs, the same faculties.