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Does drinking alcohol block your ability to have an orgasm? People often say that a cocktail or a glass of wine helps them to relax or even feel a little sexier. But does it actually result in better sex?

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While you're probably pretty used to having a specific scent downstairs, it is possible that certain things can change the smell of your vagina. While this may be a sign of a health concern, there are several weird and totally OK things that can alter your pH and change things up in the odor department. But before we get to any of that, let's talk about scents that may be a sign something's wrong.

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Equally alarming are the new forms of drinking teens reportedly have devised. That science project Junior's been working so hard on? It may have less to do with physics class and more to do with ways to deliver alcohol to the blood that boost the buzz and prevent getting caught.

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Just like any part of the body, keeping a healthy vagina means taking care of surface areas, avoiding chemicals and listening to your body when something feels out of place. Stacy Lyon, founder of natural feminine care products Healthy Hoo Hoo, says taking care of the vagina is all about understanding your body's geography. And ladies, don't worry about smelling like a fresh field of daises or a bouquet of roses. Lyon says most women are told to think they should always feel "fresh" down there, but using deodorants and sprays with fragrances could actually lead to irritation or burning.

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Stories about vodka-soaked tampons getting women clandestinely drunk continue to circulate and every now and then I get asked about this possibility. Small amounts of substances can be absorbed, however, if the vagina efficiently soaked up liquid then there would never be that mad dash to bathroom or sacrificed pillow case when someone forgot the sex towel. The lining of the vagina mucosa is very similar to the lining in your mouth, but neither are very permeable.

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A burning vagina isn't exactly the most obvious of topics for the girls' catch up that you had to book in two weeks in advance due to everyone's hyper-filled diaries. But, much like haemorrhoids and diarrhoeaopening up the conversation is one way to get your slightly more personal issues sorted. Straight up: conditions that cause vaginal burning are more common than you might like to think — and BV and thrush are just the start of it.

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You've all heard horror stories of that one friend's-cousin's-classmate who put some random object inside her vagina during a heated moment and ended up in the hospital with an embarrassing story—and maybe even some serious physical damage. So what's actually dangerous to put in there? We talked to a few health professionals to break it down.

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Soaking tampons in vodka or other liquor is an alleged trend that has been reported in numerous media outlets. However, most of the stories are unlikely to be true and a number of credible sources have debunked the practice entirely. The primary reason suggested for teens and young women inserting vodka soaked tampons into their vagina is to avoid bad breath and the potential to be caught by a breathalyzer test for alcohol. In fact, breathalyzers test the BAC or Blood Alcohol Content of a person, which means that the test is not relative to the breath per se as much as it is the concentration of alcohol in the blood.

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More statistics show that nearly 27 percent of people binge drink have more than four drinks over the course of one event at least once per month, and 7 percent of people drink heavily, meaning they drink two or more alcoholic beverages per day on average. The vast majority of people who consume alcohol excessively drink it, sending it through their digestive system, absorbing the high number of calories, and causing damage to their livers. Recently, however, some people who abuse alcohol have tried to find ways to get drunk without the calories, hangover, or other side effects.

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Having a vagina is one hell of a responsibility. Vaginas are self-cleaning, but they have a pretty tough job to do, in part we often intervene and make it more difficult for them to get the job done. For that reason, spices, onion, asparagus, broccoli, sugar, red meat, and dairy can alter the normal pH level, producing a strange smell down there. On the other hand, fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains, a lot of water, and especially greek yogurt are major players in helping your bits maintain a pleasant odor.


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