Isoflavones and breast cancer

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To eat soy or not: That's the question many U. Tofu, miso paste and other soybean-based foods are high-quality sources of protein that are low in calories and saturated fat. And studies have shown that they can help prevent cancer.

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Soy-based dietary supplements have been promoted as natural alternatives to menopausal hormone therapy, but their potential effect on breast cancer development is controversial. HRs of breast cancer were estimated with the use of multivariable Cox models. Compared with never using soy supplements, the HRs associated with current use of soy supplements were 0.

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There is a belief that a diet rich in soy is beneficial for reducing breast cancer risk or treating the disease. However, the evidence for soy is patchy, confusing and often misinterpreted. Dr Matthew Lam looks at the facts.

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Soy and red clover isoflavones are controversial due to purported estrogenic activity and possible effects on breast cancer. We conducted a systematic review of soy and red clover for efficacy in improving menopausal symptoms in women with breast cancer, and for potential impact on risk of breast cancer incidence or recurrence. Of records, we included a total of articles: 40 RCTs, 11 uncontrolled trials, and 80 observational studies.

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Study record managers: refer to the Data Element Definitions if submitting registration or results information. Subjects, research staff, investigators, and statistician all were blinded to treatment assignment. Subject takes two isoflavone tablets plus 1 multi-vitamin per day for five days per week for upto 2 years.

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Is it dangerous? Some of the misunderstandings come from the fact that studies in people and studies in animals may show different results. In some animal studies, rodents that were exposed to high doses of compounds found in soy called isoflavones showed an increased risk of breast cancer.

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Are soy foods safe for breast cancer survivors, including women who were treated for estrogen receptor positive breast cancer? Summary: The current consensus among health experts who study soy is that breast cancer survivors can safely eat these foods. Emerging research suggests that soy foods may decrease the likelihood of breast cancer recurrence in women with a history of the disease.

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Studies show that a lifelong diet rich in soy foods reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. This protective effect is less dramatic for women who eat less soy or who start eating soy later in life. Soy contains protein, isoflavones and fiber, all of which provide health benefits.

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Soy is one of those "wonder foods" that used to be sold only in health food stores or Asian markets in western countries. In the last several years, soy has been showing up regularly on the shelves of mainstream grocery stores, packaged in an amazing variety of products and flavors. At the same time, a controversy has been brewing—is soy healthy or risky for breast cancer patients and survivors?

Skip to search form Skip to main content. Soy isoflavones and breast cancer. American Society of Clinical Oncology.


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