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It is part of the Fanfic Symposium series. Can someone explain to me what the big deal is about realism in slash sex? I've seen so many posts and rants on this subject lately, beating the drum of realism in slash.

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Slash fiction is a fandom phenomenon that focuses on romantic and often sexual relationships between characters of the same sex. Pairings exist in just about any fandom you can think of, and a fair few that you never imagined. Get it?

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The most common definition of Slash is a Fan Fic that pairs two or more characters of the same sex. In most cases, one or both halves of the pairing is heterosexual in the original work, and part of the allure is the normally-straight character s realizing their same-sex attraction. Or the story skips the "why" altogether and is just them getting it on. The more lopsided the male-to-female ratio in the original work, the more common it is to have slash pairings rather than straight pairings in the fandom.

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Take a quick scan of Tumblr to discover the new world of fluidly networked sexualities, played out on the canvas of popular culture. Along the way, Liford visualizes the erotic scenarios dreamed up by the budding young writers in cheesy and fun sci-fi sequences, bringing their work to life for the audience. In taking on this fan fic world, Liford could have gone for the cheap, stereotypical laughs, but with the nuanced performances from Marks and Johnston, the film is a respectful analysis of burgeoning sexuality, the sometimes embarrassing missteps that come along with figuring it out, and exploring that all through fiction.

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Can someone explain to me what the big deal is about realism in slash sex? I've seen so many posts and rants on this subject lately, beating the drum of realism in slash. I have to confess, I don't get it.

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Do you think the words " slash fiction " refer to novels that involve a lot of swordplay? If so, you haven't spent much time hanging around fan fiction websites. Fanfic, as it's also called, is written work that takes original media — from Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock to the Harry Potter series to obscure TV shows — and elaborates on it, with the writer creating their own narratives using the core characters and conceits of the pre-existing creation.

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Through this lens, director Clay Liford explores the complexities of making friends over the internet and coming into one's own as an adult. No Film School talked to Clay at SXSW about stitching together locations, why there's no such thing as over-preparing, and his advice for navigating film festivals. I spent a very small amount of money just to make a short version of Slash and see how that worked.

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Spock and Captain Kirk are the godfathers of slash fiction. But the question remains: Would they really do it? Some context: Spock belongs to the alien species of Vulcans, who are best known for having pointed-ears and applying logic to every aspect of their lives. A less heralded quirk of their biology is the fact that they have a lot of sex.


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